Sep 01 2014

B-Sieged preview

Do you want how to play B-Sieged, look out this video and learn how.

B-Sieged preview at GenCon 2014


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  1. Aby

    Hi Chris, I’m Chris Patterson, the author of the IOS Gen Con app for LaViaz Mobile. You sohuld see the updated app for 2011 in the App Store now. The app is definitely designed to NOT require Wi-Fi access. The entire ~10,000 event database is embedded within the app. You only need network access to read news feeds, tweet, get event updates, etc. Also, the app shipped with the 2010 maps, but it has the ability to check the web for updated maps. The maps have now also been updated for 2011, but you may need to kill the app (double-tap the home button, tap-and-hold on the Gen Con icon in the pop-up tray) and restart it to get the updated maps. Finally, we also shipped a version for Android. It is now available in the Android Market. Note that the *official* app is called Gen Con , not Gen Con Mobile (an unofficial app already had that name).

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