Mar 19 2015

Kickstarter begins…

Hi to all! Finally we have good news!

The kickstarter campaign will begin during April!!

Meanwhile we are making the final testings to improve the experience of the game, will you be ready for the figth?




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  1. magnant


    Can you propose a french version during the kickstarter for french backers.
    it will be great for french backers.
    we can pay an add-on to printed cards and rules in french.

  2. James Archie

    May I receive advance notice of when the kickstarter begins?

  3. Mathieu


    I agree with Magnant.
    I will back the game if there is a french version, even if I have to pay extras to have it. I play with people who don’t understand english language very well, and I’m sure I’m not the only one…


  4. Sergey

    Great project! Can we expect exclusive miniatures on kickstarter? I hope it will be shipping to Russia!

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